The Christian Life: Testimony: 40 Days Fasting – Week 1

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40 Days Fasting: Week 1

The Lord is doing a new thing; well new for me anyway. Let me establish this, no matter what anybody thinks, God is not a little, old, miserable man in heaven. He is not sitting, waiting for you to mess up and He is definitely not rigid in all things. God is flexible to our current situation and needs and meets us where we are at, to bring us to where he abides.

If you live in constant sin, he might put people in your path to influence you and impress upon your conscience. Then he might get someone to talk to you about your problem, Then He might give you the urge to go to church. And then the urge to repent might come. God does different things to change our course, towards His will.

I have started a 40 day fast.

Oy vey, the thought alone scares the Jesus out of me; well not really. I never thought that I would be doing one of these anytime soon, especially not before 50. But here I am. This fasting process does not have my strength behind it, it has Yahweh’s, because I would have quit long ago from the headaches I usually get when I do not eat or skip a meal.

So far, its day 4 and I am fine.

God has modified my fast however, to meet my faith where it is at. You see, I do not yet believe that I can do full day food fasting without eating food; but he has tricked my mind into doing it. Each day, I only have something to eat at lunch time, and I drink some water to hydrate. It’s a hellish summer here in the Caribbean, so I get to drink water again. Then, I do not eat again until lunch time the following day. But if you look at it, I am actually going 24 hrs without food. My brain just realized that today 😦 .

This fast is easy.

I am not getting the headaches and my mind is not consumed or focused on food. I feel easy, disinterested and engaged to follow through to completion. I am certain that one day, I will be doing an unmodified, traditional 40 day fast. Just not today. Right now the Lord is helping me to get my faith and body to the place where I will do a no food fast for 2 days, 5 days, 2 weeks, 1 month and then 40 days. That’s him telling me this now.

If you have followed my blog, you know where I am coming from. I was a diabetic; so, I have done:

  1. BBM fasts,
  2. social media fasts,
  3. no juice / soda fasting,
  4. TV / Internet shows fasting
  5. and then half day food fasting.

At the moment, I am on a summer long, no shows fast. As a reward, I have gotten more than a dozen new book ideas, at least two have been published.

Remember, God meets you where you are at and helps you to grow.

Fasting is about sacrificing for God, so he takes all genuine sacrifices that costs you his servant something. If it didn’t cost you, He rejects it outright.

Constant prayer and worship is done during this time as well. Because I am a writer, I am also tapped into Him for the novel that I am writing during this period. There is no doubt in my mind that this is all God, because I have never written a novel like this before. I have attempted novels, but one took me like 3 years to reach 10,000 words. With this one, I was at 5000 words in a few hours that night. I see snap shots of visions and I just write what I hear.

God is good and faithful to His servants and children. If you have fears about fasting, bring it to Him. He will impress upon you what to do and how to go about it.

Meditate on God’s Word

Many Christians struggle daily to live according to God’s word. But we need daily nourishment. That is why it is important to read your bible daily; even if it is a few verses and meditate on them.

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About the writer:
Denise N. Fyffe is a published author of over 40 fiction and non-fiction books. She is also a trainer and mentors aspiring writers towards achieving their goals.

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