Think on these things: Shut Down Your Missions Department

Missions is not a “calling” for a select few radical believers. Missions is the manifestation of everything that it is to be a follower of Christ.

Leading by Serving

“Shut down your missions department”

At a recent conference, a pastor made the above declaration.  A radical statement for sure.  Why would you close this most common department in a church?  Would you then quit funding your missionaries and stop sending mission teams overseas?  Why would you do this?

The point that he was trying to make was that missions is not a function of the church- it is the function of the church.  For far too long churches have looked at missions as merely a part of what a healthy church does.  I submit however, with this pastor, that missions needs to be included in every part of a church.  Missions must be in the DNA of the church- the actual fabric that makes up a particular church.

Instead of supporting a few missionaries and mission efforts, the church must instill the missions attitude in every component of the church.  Everyone…

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