Christian Testimony 2015: February Facebook Fasting

Well its that time again, when I subdue the flesh and strengthen the spirit. Already, my mind is crying out from the withdrawal it is sure to go through. Like any other consuming and recurring activity, Facebook is addictive. It is also an idol in many of our lives and as my spirit dictates, I sacrifice my daily check ins, perusals and postings to refocus on Who matters.

Yep, the big Guy.

The time we spend on Facebook and other social media sites, is often a thousand more hours than we spend with God. It is definitely wrong for those of us who profess to be Christians, believers or children of God to neglect Him.

Worse we are breaking a few commandments each time. You know, that one that talks about loving nothing more than He. I can just visualise him ripe with righteous jealousy on the thrown and the only thing protecting me is the blood that was shed by His Son and all those nice promises and prophecies in the bible.

To benefit from those promises and prophecies, one must give God his due and live in accordance with His will. To align my Christian life with His will, I must deny myself fleshly desires. To fulfill my own purpose, I must shed those things that cause be to be encumbered by the enemy.

Even if I have to first go kicking and screaming in the fleshly body, to emerge singing and praising in the heaven bound one; I will, until I can run into His presence and perfection in the manner He dictates.

Copyright © 2015 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


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