Christian Prophecy: Lady of Liberty at War

I received this word from God, on December 23, 2015. I am now releasing this. It pertains to the next President of the United States; her motive, her legacy, her ways.


edward-moran-statue-liberty image courtesy of neatorama-comThis Lady of Liberty is shrewd. She will be even more cunning than the men who were before her. She shall blend like a chameleon in all places. She will use her wiles and cunning. She shall fool the wise and win the fools.

She will make her enemies her friends and her friends her enemies. She will beguile and unite. She will only be for a time. But she will bring even more moral decay than those before her. Her agenda is to rule and stamp her legacy. She wants to prove that her country made a mistake for not choosing her before.

She knows many secrets and many of those who came against her shall pay dearly. She will divide a house. She will unite a country. She will break the necks of her enemies. The black flag will shudder in fear, in her shadow.

But woe to the Lady of Liberty.

She will make her bed in hell. She will suffer for her works. She will only reap the bitter gall of hell.

She is shrewd.


I invite you to extend prayers to heaven, for God does not desire anyone to be lost. Even our fervent prayers can change the course of any prophecy.

Please remember to pray for the people of this country. God has many servants working in this field and they need to be ‘sured up’ in prayer. There are many souls to be won for Christ Jesus.


Copyright © 2015 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe



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