Christian Prophecy: Donald Trump the Rider in Babylon

prophecy donald trump the rider in babylon

I was given this prophecy by Jehovah Nissi, today, February 29, 2016. I saw a video compiling the hateful speech of Donald Trump at his rallies and the acts committed there.

I was disgusted by the presence of hate in their midst. When I got up to retrieve some oranges, God started to speak about him to me, fast and furious. I could hardly keep up.

I humbly share these words and ask that the children of God pray in earnest for the United States of America. If our prayers do not go up and are collected to stem the tide of judgement coming up on America; this country will be at risk of inheriting the son of the father of lies.


donald-trump-teases-720America is a beast awakened and Trump is its rider.

This beast is named Death.police brutality in america

This beast is named Hatred.

This beast basks in the sewers of Racism.

It has simmered like lava under the surface. Its putrid smells have risen into the air while the Black son took the throne.

But woe to Babylon the hypocrite. The defiler of God’s people. For she walks about the streets and desecrates My altar.

This beast can never be tamed as it is in the throes of warfare. It colludes with perversion. It colludes with death. It dines on the flesh of minors and enjoys the blood washing down the streets of that country. Woe be unto the children of Africa living therein, at this time. Woe be unto the innocent for they shall be defiled.

The panther will seek to rise. The panther will seek to gather, but he shall lose his foothold.

Woe to the innocent for their blood shall be spilled. Woe to the mothers for their sons shall be killed. Woe to the fathers, for they shall be degraded in front of their children.demonic beast

Times and Times. Seasons and Seasons.

The sons and daughters of God weep in agony for their fallen friends, but this desolate wasteland, grows more barren. Grows more desolate.

In time, the rider will be thrown into the pit of judgement for he is dark. He is a signal of hatred and hidden klans. He is a thing defiled and of the defiled. He was fashioned in the bowels of America and she has spewed him out showing her true nature.

Woe be unto Babylon as she lashes out as she falls.

Hark unto me, oh daughters of Zion. For I your King have heard your voices. But your children shall be martyrs on the streets. Seek me in the shadows and turn to me in your closets. Sing my praises and expect my vengeance for it shall be swift.

Mighty is the sword.

Mighty is the word.

Mighty is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who shall wreak vengeance on the face of the earth.

Oh daughters sing my praises and turn away from thy wicked ways.

Sing my praises.


Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe

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