The Prophet’s School of Obedience: Do No Harm by Denise N. Fyffe

The Life of a 21st Century Prophet

Since last week, I have tuned into YouTube sermon’s of Prophetess Juanita Bynum, again. Last year I did this while going through some fiery trials, I would be crying like a baby at my desk. Tears running like the river Jordan. The woman is blessed, powerful and a true servant of God, no doubt. I am listening to these sermons at my desk and I can barely control my spirit and body. I keep clenching my fist and speaking in tongues under my breath. If given the opportunity, when listening to her sermons, I would run up and down that office like it was altar call on a Sunday morning.

Let me share with you a moment.

In one of her sermons ‘Submit and Repent‘, she speaks to the congregation and tells us to fast tomorrow until 5:00 p.m. I took it upon myself to do so and I did the next day. Mind you I am diabetic and have not done a food fast in a great many years. But that night and morning, my spirit was focused on the fact that I would be doing a fast.

The broken prophet courtesy of graceofourlord-com
The broken prophet courtesy of graceofourlord-com

I woke up the next day, the day proceeded and by 5:00 p.m. I broke my fast. I had no headaches, hunger pangs or moments of weakness from not eating. Thanks be to God. That day I wasn’t feeling 100% though, I had pains from a persistent health condition and I had stayed home, but I communed with God and prayed, and spoke in tongues and I could feel him telling me I needed to go to bible study that night.

Let me tell you, a situation happened in bible study that night and the exact thing which the Prophet preached about, I had to speak to. I had to step into the Office of the Prophet, deal with the matter and serve the purpose of why I was there that night.

I must add though that I have grown and matured or rather been tempered by God. If this occurred when I was a younger prophet, I would have cut into the offender and probably damn his soul to hell. But, I have spent so many years being refined in the fire by God, to know when he needs me to show His compassion and not His wrath.

I am still in training, but I take some comfort from the fact that I learned something in the prophet’s school of obedience that I could correctly execute when He required it.


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