The Christian Life: God’s Message will be ‘Flavored’ by the Prophet by Denise N. Fyffe

The Life of a 21st Century Prophet

This week, I am listening to these Prophetess Bynum’s sermons on my desk and I can barely control my spirit and body. I keep clenching my fist and speaking in tongues under my breath. If given the opportunity, when listening to her sermons, I would run up and down that office like it was an altar call at my church on a Sunday.

But in watching her, a question I have always asked popped into my head.

Within myself, I asked, “Why do people preach the way they do?

My mind was going down the avenues of the influence of culture, heritage and the person.

Now, I am reading through my decade old notes from – The Prophetic School – Lesson 1 – The making of a Prophet and my questions are being answered.

  • The communication we receive from God in our spirit man is still filtered through our own personality and character.

This is exactly why a prophet is put through the testings of brokenness and brings him to humility so that his character is changed.

  • The prophet will then always give God the glory
  • The prophet will always rely on God
  • The prophet will always reflect God

So, God must purify the vessel.

Tainted vessels bring tainted messages.

So God must purify us, His prophets through painstaking means.


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