The Christian Life: It starts with The Price of God’s Miracle Working Power, Book by A A Allen

The Price of God's Miracle Working Power by a a allen

As I read the words of A A Allen, The Price of God’s Miracle Working Power
Book, the seriousness of the calling that God has put on me…dawned BIG.

I was a few pages into chapter one, but I knew that God was directing me to a template of what to do, to grow in His ministry.

He was calling me to be, not like others. No shows this summer. Fasting was a requirement and there were lengthy prayers in my future.

Somehow, clarity creeps forward effortlessly in the night hours, doesn’t it?

My spirit was willing. My heart was light. My senses were nervous and filled with dread because my mind knew, that like A A Allen, this time I was going into it and not stopping until I heard from heaven.

But if my aim is to serve at Gods pleasure, then I must conform. If I aim to get rid of pride and be humble; if I aim to die to self…if I aim to be even a quarter as impactful in ministry as A A Allen was, it was time to kill all earthly desires.

God help me.


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