Christian Parents, Your Children Reflect Your Christian Life

This morning I was meditating on parents and their responsibility for their children; with specific reference to Christian parents.

How your children behave around you, away from you, how they represent you is a direct reflection of how you are as an ‘active’ Christian; and especially when they are at a younger age. You cannot have a rude, insulting and disrespectful child, who does not regard authority and those older than he/she; and how do you respond? You smile and say they will grow out of it, or say ‘that’s how they stay’. That is not God‘s will for us and our children, so it shouldn’t be your will either. Practicing Christians of true Christian principles will instill this in their children, reprimand them, even publicly and lead by example. If you are a leader in your church and your home life is not up to par, the bible refers to this as well, it will show. “In essence you need to sort out yourself, before God sorts you.”

So, leaders you are set up high, seen from afar, and judged even more harshly. But it is also a way for others to see if you are hypocritical and not really practicing God’s principles, which you preach, in your own home.

God is never to be mocked, for all things are revealed in time.
By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2016, Denise N. Fyffe

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