Revealing the truth about Isaiah 50 by Denise N. Fyffe

1 This is what the Lord says: “Was your mother sent away because I divorced her? Did I sell you as slaves to my creditors? No, you were sold because of your sins. And your mother, too, was taken because of your sins. Why was no one there when I came? Why didn’t anyone answer when I called? Is it because I have no power to rescue? No, that is not the reason! For I can speak to the sea and make it dry up! I can turn rivers into deserts covered with dying fish. I dress the skies in darkness,covering them with clothes of mourning.”Isaiah 50:1-3

Revealing the truth about Isaiah 50

This is what the Lord revealed to me:

Isaiah 50 image courtesy of biblepicIn these few verses you will find the answer for how we come to be in the state that we are in. God never turns His back on His children. It is we who turn away from Him. He asks “Was your mother sent away because I divorced her?” Did He remove our provisions, the place and the ones who looked after us, who nourished us? No.

Did He cause us to become indebted to creditors? The banks, credit cards; to have huge car payments, mortgages that we cannot repay? So that now we are slaves to them and our lifestyle; because of this, we work consistently, with no real joy in life. With no time to appreciate those things that really matter.

Our provisions and comforts was removed because of our actions, stubbornness; our lust of the flesh and lust of the eyes. Because we covet what others have and do not appreciate what He gave us to protect.

When He returned to the place that He provided for us, we were not there; because we have gone away, wandering in places, with no protection. Seeking after the things and gods of this world. We have gone to a place that we can no longer see nor hear his voice. We have entered into a land of disobedience and rebelliousness.

It is not that He does not have the power to bring us back, to pay our debts, to fight our battles. He can do these things and more because He is the supreme God, the creator of this world. He has dominion over all things.

But we must see the errors of our way and return to Him. In humility, with a contrite heart; in obedience. Submitting ourselves, wholly to Him.


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