Daily Christian Journal: Healing for Your Pain

The Life of a 21st Century Prophet

I was hurt, wounded; my heart was sensitive with every breath. I was left to fight a battle that I did not start, nor did I foresee. The enemy was on every side plaguing my mind, my spirit; distracting me from being fully immersed in the work, that I was doing in the house of God.

Yes, I was setup by one of my own and all with just the release of a few words.

There is power in the spoken word. Our words are commands that are acted upon and executed in the spiritual realm. And on this night , those words had released a spirit of anger, hurt, distraction and unforgiveness.

I had to dig deep and prayed forgiveness, and that I could release the ones who had just unknowingly wounded my spirit. If I was a lesser woman, I would have succumbed to dejection, shook the dust off my feet and never return. But no, I was there to serve another and this was just another attack by the enemy, because of the effectiveness of our ministry.
But that night, instead of being fully supportive and functional, I was busy fighting off a personal attack.

When I got home, the Holy Spirit was there. He knew what I needed. I felt His presence overshadow me as I prayed to forgive, to release and to forget. I felt it all just wash away and then it was just He and I. You see the Holy Spirit cares about us when we are hurting. When you have a personal relationship with God, he will come to your rescue every time. Sometimes delayed and yet at other times, immediately.

Thank God for Jesus, because as I write this, I am being made whole. I am being restored.


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