The Poet’s Prayer: Lord Let Your Mercy Speak for Me

The Poet's Prayer with Poetess Denise Fyffe banners

Lord Let Your Mercy Speak for Me

By: Denise N. Fyffe

Lord, let your mercy speak for me, let it whisper above the roar. Let your mercy strive in my life, let it defeat my every foe. Lord, let your light shine through me. Let your love abound. Lord let your mercy be my rod and staff, let it be my rear guard.

Lord who else is greater than you? Who else can do what you do? Lord let your mercy speak for me, Lord let it be from you.

When people say no, I cannot go, Let your mercy shout yes. When people put obstacles before me, let your mercy grow my wings. When curses abound and evil is rife, Lord let my life be filled with your light. When plots and plans are hatched in the dark, Lord, reveal every secret plan.

Lord, turn their hatch into foolishness and lay waste to their siege strategies. Lord, open their eyes so they can see, your strong army is forever with me.

When people say there is no hope, let your mercy speak. When there is no food or money, Lord let your mercy speak. When bills pile high and tears run dry, Lord let your mercy roar and when friends have gone and enemies are found, Lord let your mercy confound.

Lord, speak to me and through me. Lord, speak, unlike men. Lord, let your mercy speak aloud and even whisper above the plots of men.



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