Christian Prophecy: Details to the Prophecy about Donald Trump

Having released the previous prophecy about Donald Trump, (Prophecy, Donald Trump the rider in Babylon), I thought I was finished. Turns out, God was not finished.

He started to give me tidbits of information surrounding this candidate’s rise.


For many years Donald Trump has indicated that he will one day run for President of the United States. Several times, he delayed his entry and for a good reason.

God says, the timing had to be perfect for Trump’s entry. America had to be on the edge of a cliff and Babylon had to be ready to lift her frocktail and show her wares.

A Sad State of American Affairs

The time is now.


Several things happened to push this great eagle to this point, in time. There had to be an increased appetite for war. Even though America has been fighting Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi and ISIS for years; they are still eager to get into the scuffles happening in the Middle East and Africa.

But now, war is on their shores. The enemy, the black flag, is lurking even in the open, ready to pounce; but, seeking strategic placement.


The thirst for blood is spilling out on its own streets. The hidden abuse, which occurred more blatant in the 60’s are pouring out with a vengeance. Racism is rampant on the streets and people are now realizing that it was just hibernating. The movie, Game of Thrones indicated it best, ‘Winter is Coming’.

It all ties in.


Immorality and perversion have been poured out through subtle and bold media campaigns to degrade the moral compass of the United States. Movies, music, ad campaigns even cartoons were used to tear into the moral fabric of America.

The manifesto used against the people of this culture, was long ago written and is now, obviously reaping in, the conquests of its efforts.

Trump also had to wait until the spirit of perversion had taken root in the White House before coming on the scene. Once the laws of the nation endorsed them, it was game on.


The edge, which Yahweh had placed around America has been lifted. America has, on countless occasions in the last five years, attacked the Christians within its walls.

The church is not a place of sanctity and holiness anymore. It is a cover for idolaters, petty thieves, and hypocrites. There are wolves who have been set loose to derail the people of God and ensnare them into a false doctrine.

What is taking place in the Middle East, with the persecution of Christians, is a shadow of the hidden desires of the heart of the masses. Donald Trump is conveying a message shared by many. He said, “If I take someone out into the streets of New York and shoot them, nothing would happen.”

The Cow Boy spirit is speaking through him and that spirit is named murder.

There are many skeletons in Donald Trump’s closet.

Many lives lost.

Many income lost.

Many families hurt.

Many many sins.

The Assignment of the Rider

demonic beast

The purpose for Donald Trump is clear. He is just another rider sent out to cause mass chaos and distraction. He is a strategic instrument used to distract Americans from the enemy taking root in their own homes.

He is there to turn a mirror on that nation and turn the hearts of world leaders against them. England’s government even had a debate on whether to ever let Donald Trump back into their country, or to do business with him.

The Pope got a smack down from Trump, for daring to comment about him. Nothing is sacred to this rider. He is a court jester and a skillful assassin.

He is sent to unravel all the goodwill that America has gained under the leadership of the Black son.

Trump is picking at the edge of the fabric of that nation and he has gotten a hold of the one thread that compasses the circumference of that country. He will undo a decades worth of goodwill in just one year.

The Consequences

Ultimately, his platform will be kicked out from under him, because the slave cannot outshine the master. She will not allow one of her sons to outshine her. She will send another to take his place. A lesson for his pride and arrogance.

The many decades worth of respect and billions in wealth that he has amassed will soon flow from him. They will have no value for him because he would have sunk so low that those memories will be replaced.

His name will ultimately be both a joke and a curse.


I urge everyone to pray, to fast, to seek the face and will of God. We are living in a time of intense spiritual warfare. Jehovah is faithful to deliver his people. But he is also faithful to keep them in the midst of the storms.


Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe

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